Napoléon Bonaparte

Tomb of Napoleon low reliefs

Napoleon idealized heroes in ten bas-reliefs decorating the crypt of his tomb in the Invalides, almost seem from the Roman or Greek era with the chlamys and the chitôns. The bas-relief of public works is…

Notre-Dame de Fourvière

Our Lady of Fourviere

Located on the historic hill of Fourvière, this basilica in magnificent white stones dominates the resplendent city of Lyon. It was built from 1872 to 1884 on the site of the Saint-Thomas chapel following a…

Chactas sur la tombe d'Atala

Chactas Meditating on Atala’s Tomb

Chactas is so sad for its beautiful and very Christian Atala . Chactas Meditating on Atala’s Tomb from Francisque Duret was inspired by a Chateaubriand story that depicts the Native American idealism for the 19 th…