Statuette de Bacchus

Statuette of Bacchus

Bacchus (Greek, Dionysus) is the god of fertility and wine. His cult is associated with wild rituals, sensual and unbridled, where sex and drunkenness often hold a large place. Despite the decree adopted by the…

Jules César

Bronze statue of Julius Caesar in Rome

This bronze statue of Julius Caesar is located at the Roman Forum in Rome. Often represented as a middle-aged man with a balding pattern, this one represents him as a young general triumphing in ceremonial…

Chactas sur la tombe d'Atala

Chactas Meditating on Atala’s Tomb

Chactas is so sad for its beautiful and very Christian Atala . Chactas Meditating on Atala’s Tomb from Francisque Duret was inspired by a Chateaubriand story that depicts the Native American idealism for the 19 th…