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Anges - stuc

Francois I Gallery – Palace of Fontainebleau

Francis I of France gallery is located on the first floor of the Château de Fontainebleau. Like most large rooms pageantry, it is richly decorated with wood paneling and stucco that are rarely photographed in…

Figurine votive romaine

Roman Votive Miniatures

God, athlete or family member The votive figurines have existed since prehistoric times but will take their large scale expansions among the Greeks. Made of terracotta, the Tanagras had a craze that exceeded the borders…

Torse d'homme - Haut-Empire romain

Torso of man-high-Roman Empire

Man’s torso – Marble – High Roman Empire 2nd centuries BC J. -C … Here is another example of a Roman copy of Greek sculpture, from the 5th century BC. J. -C. in that case….

Ecce Agnus Dei

Ecce Agnus Dei – Behold the Lamb of God – Baciccio

Ecce Agnus Dei by Giovanni Battista Gaulli, dit Baciccio, around 1695-1700. This work illustrates a very young Saint John the Baptist pointing directly at Christ rather than the Lamb of the parable. Under the wing…

Rentrée de la moisson

Re-entry of the harvest – Bloemaert

Return of the harvest of Abraham Bloemaert, around 1625-1630. Initially a Mannerist moving towards classicism, this Dutch painter had a Caravaggesque period following the contact with this style around 1620. This painting resulting from his…

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Deluge scene by Joseph-Désiré Court

The Deluge Scene by Joseph-Desire Court interprets the human disarray of those condemned by the judgment of God who set off the deluge on earth because he was not satisfied. He saved only Noah, his…

Statuette de Bacchus

Statuette of Bacchus

Bacchus (Greek, Dionysus) is the god of fertility and wine. His cult is associated with wild rituals, sensual and unbridled, where sex and drunkenness often hold a large place. Despite the decree adopted by the…