The gilt bronze statue of Hercules

The gilt bronze statue of Hercules in the Capitoline Museum in Rome shows him whit the golden apple of the Hesperides in his left hand, a fruit that is also associate to Heracles in the…

Quarante-trois portraits de peintres de l'atelier de Charles Gleyre

Forty three portraits of painter

The Forty- three portraits of painters of the studio Charles Gleyre is an art work you can see at Le Petit Palais in Paris. Claude Monet, Frederic Bazille, Alfred Sisley and Auguste Renoir, they all…

Cratère à volutes Stabies

White marble spiral Crater

A volute crater is a large vase of antiquity in which wine and water were mixed. This one, in white marble, was part of the garden furniture of a villa excavated in Stabies in 1749….

Navires de guerre romains

Roman warships

This fresco discovered in Pompeii represents two magnificent Roman warships armed with rams at the bow. A rare work that gives us an idea of the colours and the presence of these ships from which…

Figurine votive romaine

Roman Votive Miniatures

God, athlete or family member The votive figurines have existed since prehistoric times but will take their large scale expansions among the Greeks. Made of terracotta, the Tanagras had a craze that exceeded the borders…

Napoléon Bonaparte

Tomb of Napoleon low reliefs

Napoleon idealized heroes in ten bas-reliefs decorating the crypt of his tomb in the Invalides, almost seem from the Roman or Greek era with the chlamys and the chitôns. The bas-relief of public works is…