Le Dieu de Coligny

The God of Coligny

The God of Coligny is a bronze at the Museum of Gallo-Roman civilization in Lyon – Fourvière. This Statue was discovered in 1897 in the town of Coligny, it was made around the 1st century…

Fontaine de Neptune

Neptune Fountain in Rome

There are about more than 2,500 fountains in Rome, from the smallest like the Fontana delle api up to the large and majestic as the one of Trevi. The Fountain of Neptune is one of…

Masque d'esclave de la nouvelle comédie

Slave mask of the New Comedy

Masque d’esclave de la nouvelle comédie, 2ième siècles av J. -C. au musée national archéologique d’Athènes. Probablement les ancêtres de Pantalon et Polichinelle, les personnages du Néa Grecque étaient comme ceux de la Commedia Dell’arte,…

Anges - stuc

Francois I Gallery – Palace of Fontainebleau

Francis I of France gallery is located on the first floor of the Château de Fontainebleau. Like most large rooms pageantry, it is richly decorated with wood paneling and stucco that are rarely photographed in…

Cratère à volutes Stabies

White marble spiral Crater

A volute crater is a large vase of antiquity in which wine and water were mixed. This one, in white marble, was part of the garden furniture of a villa excavated in Stabies in 1749….


Venus, Goddess of Love

Venus, the goddess of love and fertility, venerated by the Romans her cult was assimilated to that of Aphrodite among the Greeks. Patroness of the city of Pompei under the name of Venus Fisica Pompeiana,…

Torse d'homme - Haut-Empire romain

Torso of man-high-Roman Empire

Man’s torso – Marble – High Roman Empire 2nd centuries BC J. -C … Here is another example of a Roman copy of Greek sculpture, from the 5th century BC. J. -C. in that case….

No Picture

The Relay runner

This bronze of 1910 is a work by Robert Tait McKenzie and represents a very beautiful naked relay rider in the idealized Greek style but with a very modern physiognomy. The haircut is very dandy…

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The wounded

A Belgian sculptor of great talent, Jef Lambeaux created around twenty monumental works for public space. A polemist with a very romantic personality, he got some glory in his time. Recalling the ancient sculpture of…

Statuette de Bacchus

Statuette of Bacchus

Bacchus (Greek, Dionysus) is the god of fertility and wine. His cult is associated with wild rituals, sensual and unbridled, where sex and drunkenness often hold a large place. Despite the decree adopted by the…