BioLite, a must for ecological camping

Des mergez sur le BioLite

A small omelette on the BioLite

I was looking for a cooking solution to go camping that would be autonomous, a minimum ecological and space saving. I looked at solar solutions and apart from GoSun Stove which is good but bulky for bike-camping (even sports model), what is available is rather archaic … Bag inflated, bulky board often makes of materials either too heavy or in fragile cardboard and in addition there is the disadvantage of having to take his coffee after sunrise.

Then I was told about the oven kit by BioLite and I was really impressed by its ease of use and its possibilities, a great find for camping cooking. I managed to make a very good super-appetizing meal and the food is grilled and not browned. Water boiling with the Kettlepot is much faster than with a cauldron on a propane gas stove and much less hazardous, I always found that a cauldron in balance on the propane burner small arms  was risky. Kit BioLite available on

Strong points

  • Fuel always available on site unless camped in the desert.
  • Heat 17 oz of water in 5 min with the Kettlepot.
  • Effective grill that gives a real BBQ effect.
  • Grill area large enough for a meal for two people.
  • Easy to use.
  • Compact and easy to carry.
  • Cover for the grill not to dirty the rest of your material.
  • Secure.

Weak points

  • The load from USB port more or less effective. It would be necessary to burn a tree to recharge a cellphone 😉


  • Pick up your twigs and branches in sufficient quantity before you start your meal, as you can lose the fire momentum quickly.
  • Provide more bigger branches for a more sustained fire. The twigs are quickly consumed.
  • Place your grill on a surface as firm as possible, the grill can become unstable in the sand.
  • Buy some fire starter (stick fire starter … No liquid gas!) Especially on damp mornings.
  • Do not place the Kettlepot on a plastic surface or resin picnic table after heating it, the base is red hot and will damage the heat sensitive surfaces.
  • Obviously used dead branches on the ground, do not damage the trees, fresh branches will not be effective anyway.


Warning! Not to be done with the Kettelpot

A usual thing to do after heating your water and making a cup of coffee is to put the teapot on the table … Not the Kettelpot! Because the base is red hot and will melt resin or plastic surfaces!


Kit BioLite – Twigs and branches


My equipment


An omelette on the BioLite


Grilling on the BioLite