Nomad from Burley

Nomad de Burley - Mon attelage complet

Nomad de Burley – Mon attelage complet

I wanted to go bike camping, but in the fifties we are more cozy and I could hardly see myself leaving as a younger with 3 saddlebags and a minimum of stuff. Anyway the project was to bring my cat with me, so I needed more complete and stable solution. Be careful, you still have to calculate each gram, because there is only one engine no matter the bike and its trailer… it is you with your legs.

I have evaluated the various options available like the one-wheel BOB trailer , the HOMCOM and the two-wheeled trailers such as Avenir or Aosom. The first two are interesting because the cargo is a standalone bag so it is easy to just take everything with you, but if I fell on the side, everything will be on the side with the cat included … not a wise solution for my project. For the other two, the Avenir is 9 kg but have a less interesting design and the Aosom was much too heavy! (35 kg).

My choice: Nomad from Burley

Finally it is the Nomad from Burley with its 6.5 kg and its aerodynamic design that I chose to go bike camping and carry more complete equipment … and the cat! Ultra-lightweight, waterproof super-easy to open and close with easy access by front and rear, very stable on his two wheels and it can carry 45 kg (100 lbs)! The Nomad is build like a child trailer. The driving is fluid with very little pitching effect, in fact I felt it only under certain circumstances about 5% of the ride, otherwise we almost forget that we have a trailer.

Strong points

  • Very light! 6.5 kg
  • Minimum pitch effect
  • Very spacious : H: 43 cm (17″) L: 47 cm (18.5″) P: 81 cm (32″), Cargo capacity : 105 liters
  • Can carry 45 kg (100 lbs)
  • Waterproof hood in bright yellow to be well visible to cars on the road.
  • Cargo easy clip.
  • Quick bike docking with a secure attachment.
  • Detachable wheels with single push button.
  • If one falls, the trailer stays in place on its wheels.

Weak points

  • More expensive (but worth it in my opinion)
  • The signal flag is more difficult to install if equipped with optional Cargo Rack support.
  • Not folding if equipped with the same Cargo Rack.


  • The Nomad is very spacious so it is tempting to fill it, nevertheless be careful to calculate your grams and eliminate what is not essential … to capacity, 45 kg on a slope … it’s heavy!
  • Engaged with caution in restricted spaces on bike trail (slowing barriers, funnels, speed bump). We tend to forget we have a trailer and it can hang and stop you short.
  • Don’t forget to inflate the tires, they are semi-inflated at purchase, I did 3 km before I felt something was wrong and find that the tires were soft!


My equipment


My Burley parking


Easy access even with Cargo Rack


Very spacious, I turned it into a pantry during my stay.


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