Fontaine de Neptune

Neptune Fountain in Rome

There are about more than 2,500 fountains in Rome, from the smallest like the Fontana delle api up to the large and majestic as the one of Trevi. The Fountain of Neptune is one of…


The gilt bronze statue of Hercules

The gilt bronze statue of Hercules in the Capitoline Museum in Rome shows him whit the golden apple of the Hesperides in his left hand, a fruit that is also associate to Heracles in the…

Torse d'homme - Haut-Empire romain

Torso of man-high-Roman Empire

Man’s torso – Marble – High Roman Empire 2nd centuries BC J. -C … Here is another example of a Roman copy of Greek sculpture, from the 5th century BC. J. -C. in that case….

Ecce Agnus Dei

Ecce Agnus Dei – Behold the Lamb of God – Baciccio

Ecce Agnus Dei by Giovanni Battista Gaulli, dit Baciccio, around 1695-1700. This work illustrates a very young Saint John the Baptist pointing directly at Christ rather than the Lamb of the parable. Under the wing…