sculpture man

Étude de sculpture platre

Lyon plaster sculpture Study

  The Museum of Fine Arts in Lyon have a large collection of plaster sculpture study, as this young man prostrate in kneeling position which seems to beg a threat or watch fatality. Unfortunately, I…

Le Dieu de Coligny

The God of Coligny

The God of Coligny is a bronze at the Museum of Gallo-Roman civilization in Lyon – Fourvière. This Statue was discovered in 1897 in the town of Coligny, it was made around the 1st century…

Fontaine de Neptune

Neptune Fountain in Rome

There are about more than 2,500 fountains in Rome, from the smallest like the Fontana delle api up to the large and majestic as the one of Trevi. The Fountain of Neptune is one of…

Figurine votive romaine

Roman Votive Miniatures

God, athlete or family member The votive figurines have existed since prehistoric times but will take their large scale expansions among the Greeks. Made of terracotta, the Tanagras had a craze that exceeded the borders…

Napoléon Bonaparte

Tomb of Napoleon low reliefs

Napoleon idealized heroes in ten bas-reliefs decorating the crypt of his tomb in the Invalides, almost seem from the Roman or Greek era with the chlamys and the chitôns. The bas-relief of public works is…

Torse d'homme - Haut-Empire romain

Torso of man-high-Roman Empire

Man’s torso – Marble – High Roman Empire 2nd centuries BC J. -C … Here is another example of a Roman copy of Greek sculpture, from the 5th century BC. J. -C. in that case….

Napoléon Bonaparte

Napoleon Bonaparte in front of the future

This magnificent bust of Napoleon Bonaparte from the Ben Weider collection at MBAM is positioned in the centre of one of the front colonnades of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, which offers a special urban…